About Me

I am a Gay Christian Man from San Diego, CA. who at 48 years old has finally come to realize that being gay and Christian can be co-mingled. I finally found the real truth in the Love of God for all. And although it is a journey of struggles, it is a most wonderful journey. I highly recommend it.

I know that my story is not my own. I know there are many in the LGBT community who can relate to my story and who have/or are going thru the same struggle.  Who so want a relationship with Jesus & God but have heard that it is not possible for anyone within our community. That the only place for the Gay person is eternal damnation in Hell. The Good news is, that you have heard it all wrong.

Jesus and God loves everyone equally. Regardless of anything you have done. Gay and Christian can and do fit in the same sentence.

I hope my posts will show you the struggle and the joy that comes from that. I have a fervor for Jesus Christ, and pray that all those whom come here and are Gay (or not) will take that first step to learning the real truth of Jesus’ love for you. Regardless of where you are at in life.

You don’t have to be fixed before you start following Jesus and attending a church. If someone tells you that you do, then you have not found the right church. Keep looking for a church that is a perfect fit for you and don’t give up. There is a reason that you are here. It is Jesus and the Spirit tugging at your heart and soul to come into his kingdom and follow him. Step into the water and get your feet wet.. Soon you will find yourself immersed in the water and completely cleansed of all the dirt.

I still have huge issues that I am dealing with and have faith that God will eventually work all of that out for me. He is the one who literally overnight took my need for alcohol and smoking away from me after decades. Nov 16, 2013 I wanted to be done with it so I laid it at his feet and when I awoke Nov 17, 2013, I no longer had any cravings for either one and one year and two months later am still cravings free.

You will see that I go thru a lot of struggles with doubt, belief and faith, but thru it all, I refuse to give up on my walk with God. He is my light, my hope, my creator and my father.

If you don’t know much about Jesus and God or what Christianity or Salvation is all about. You can visit my other site to answer some questions that you may have.

I am praying for you, God Bless You & Welcome to what is awaiting you on the other side.

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