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I am human stereotype

When you close your eyes and picture a Gay lifestyle. What does it look like? What I really hate about this phrase is there is not a set lifestyle. It is the most ridiculous and ludicrous thing I have ever heard. Do all heterosexuals, Hispanics, Asians, African, Republicans, Democrats, Liberals, Etc.. have a set lifestyle?

I feel like the world needs a major education regarding the term Gay or the use of the crap phrase Gay lifestyle, of which doesn’t really exist.
It does not mean:
1. That we are all perverts
2. That we chose to be gay. Just as you didn’t choose to be straight.
3. That we all have promiscuous sex.
4. That we wish to recruit heterosexual men
5. That we look at or are interested in kids in a sexual way whatsoever!
6. That we all worship Barbara Streisand, and love musicals.
6. That we are going to burn in the eternal lake fire of Hell! If anything, the Bible is for us, not against us!!!

The ignorance of Christians and Religion is what took me away from God for decades, and I talked about that walk a bit here in church.

I stumbled upon a couple of other blog entries on this subject that I hope you will take time to read. They hit just about everything that Christians or anyone for that matter really need to understand and stop.

Because your a heterosexual, I don’t stereotype that you have to be the Marlboro man or June Cleaver. I don’t assume that you will get married, and that if you do, your marriage will end in divorce just after 14 years. I don’t assume that you will have kids. I don’t assume that your a bigot who hates the entire LGBT community.

Because your black, Asian, Hispanic, Etc also doesn’t mean we should have stereotypes.

Before I go any further, I want to make it known that I am not stereotyping all Christians. By no means, are all Christians this way. My Church is a perfect example of people who just love me for being an open and honest human being who struggles as they do. As one who asks for and also offers help and prayer. Honestly, now that most of my church community knows me, they most likely don’t even see me as a Gay man.

The Gay stereotype needs to change. And it really shouldn’t be my job to change it. The love thy neighbor that God states over and over again as one of his biggest commandments, should create that change within you. Honestly, it’s really none of your business who is Gay, who is straight, who is this or who is that. That really should be between them and God. However, if someone should want to tell you, you should give them the grace to accept them, and openly hear and possibly discuss anything that may be troubling them without question.

gay_lesbian_straight_bisexual_human__18710.1406368406.1280.1280The use of the term Gay should never be used to pervert others. I read so many blogs written by Gay men who are Christian, and they can’t even bring themselves to use the term, because the stereotype by Christians, is that you can’t be Gay and Christian. That there is not; nor can there be such a thing, it can’t be possible. So these bloggers have chosen to coin a new term, “SSA” (same sex attraction). As if somehow, it implies that they are different then me, better then me, don’t struggle like me, don’t give in like me. That they are forgiven and I’m not or can’t be.

Not only does this piss me off, because it makes these bloggers seem better then thou, but they have fallen into the same stereotypical bullshit that created the gay community to be messed up with God and salvation in the first place. Shame on you for giving into the very people who messed you up and who messed me up for three decades. Shame on you for abandoning the very community that you are trying to reach. You, yourself have joined the uneducated hypocrites. It’s your job to educate them, not fall into their trap.

You are a man attracted to men. Your a woman attracted to women.. Your Gay.. get over it. I don’t care if you think you were born that way or not. Stop falling into the same trap that Christian’s created for you in the first place. By coining a new term, you are thereby enforcing their stupidity.

I am Gay (attracted to men) I am Christian (follower of Jesus, Lover of God) Do I struggle with sex and temptation? Yes… just like the heterosexual.. does that make me a bad person? Does that mean I am going to burn in a lakefire of Hell? NO

I really want to make it my goal this year to get involved in the Men’s group. It will be really uncomfortable for me, not only for myself, but also knowing that I will be making those men in the group uncomfortable. It’s my job to educate them, that we are not different. We are all alike in our thoughts and actions. That’s what we should be doing. Instead of hiding behind a different label and hiding in our secluded homes.

It’s funny to me however, that Christian’s don’t believe that a heterosexual having sex outside of marriage is going to burn in hell. They somehow are and can be forgiven of their sin, even though the bible calls both out as the same offense. The fact is, that neither is greater of a sin then the other, the heterosexual can be forgiven, as well as the Gay person.

Gay is only a term people. It’s not a lifestyle. We are not some hybrid. We are human’s who are EXACTLY LIKE YOU. We need to be loved, we wish to be held, we like to be hugged, we want companionship and to be cared for just as you do. I look like you, I act like you. We live our lives every day just as you do. Just like you, some of us are butch and some of us are effeminate. We have a soft side and a hard side. We bike, we hike, we love sports, we like to fish and some of us like to hunt, some of us do extreme sports, we join the army and fight for our country. We are just as diverse as you are. We struggle with the same thoughts, desires, temptations, faith and hope that you do.

When you define me.. you sin by gossiping. You sin by judging me without knowing me. You sin by slandering me. And by doing all of this without really knowing the individual first and foremost could really lead to hurtful and serious consequences for those you are speaking of.

“A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue. A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret” (Proverbs 11:12-13). The Bible tells us that “a perverse man stirs up dissension, and a gossip separates close friends” (Proverbs 16:28).

Let’s not forget that the same percentage of straight people are having rampant and perverted sex, but you don’t call that out.. I can’t even count the number of reality TV shows (10 men for 1 woman or vice versa) openly vying to be the one. While kissing, making out and obviously having sex with each of them almost right in front of us. I don’t know why you can’t just stop calling out the gay side of it all, as if we are the only unrighteous and unforgivable ones.

I Am not stereotypeYour not saving anyone by constantly calling the Gay or any other person a sinner and not Christian. By constantly telling me that I can’t be Gay and a Christian. All you are doing is halting or stopping my walk. Making me want to walk away from it all, because I fall into your stereotypical bullshit and let you and Satan tell me that I am not worthy of being saved. You stop the countless others who want a relationship with Jesus from starting one.

The good news though is that there is a revival. The spirit is working within the gay community in large ways. More and more gay people are coming to Christ then in any other time. AND YOU have no right to get in the way of that. They were given their right by God AND YOU don’t have the right to step in.

Perhaps you should have a change of heart and just let the Gay people come to your church. If they see the truth and the light, and truly want a relationship with Jesus/God, then perhaps they will change their ways. If they even need to change their ways at all. That again is not up to you. But I see your point. You would be too embarrassed if a Gay, Lesbian or god forbid a transvestite or transsexual walked into your church. It’s easier just to shun them first, so you don’t have to deal with or confront them in the first place.

Just as you are embarrassed for a dirty homeless man to walk in whom is seeking God. Who by the way, would be ashamed that you judged them at first glance. Your instant judgement would be worthy of hell. Oh no wait.. that’s right.. your heterosexual… Nothing can send you to eternal lake fire.. You have that special privilege from Jesus. His blood only covers you and nobody else right?

But if you don’t let them into the church in the first place, how will they ever hear the truth, Let them decide.. NOT YOU!!!!

Romans 10-14-17

Who are you to tell them that they aren’t worthy because they use the term Gay? That they need to change first? Wrong… The change comes from Jesus first. You don’t get the right to stop anyone from coming to Salvation because you have a hangup about it. You aren’t worthy to make that judgement about anyone. Neither is any denomination of church allowed to tell you that you aren’t worthy. That church isn’t worthy, so move on, and go elsewhere to attend church.

My walk and my struggle with God/Jesus has nothing to do with who I am or how I identify myself. My walk has to do with what my heart wants. What I truly want deep inside myself. It has nothing to do with me being Gay, Bi, Trans, Etc….It has everything to do with needing a Savior. Needing the blood of Jesus to cover me. Needing Jesus and God to work miracles for me, because I can’t do it on my own.

My life was hard enough being ridiculed for just being Gay. I don’t need my fellow Christians to throw more stones at me. I should be able to rely on my fellow Christians to help me out. Do you know how much I have cried because you, as a Christian keep throwing stones at me? How many times I have begged God to just take my life so I can be done with this hateful and cruel world?

I am tired of being constantly bashed, hated and made to feel unworthy.. Not only by heterosexual Christians, but even worse, those of you who use the term SSA to describe yourselves and the rest of us.. You are not helping the typical Gay person who truly wants to know Jesus. I can’t even write the foul language here for how I feel when you do this to us.

I know for certain that this is why I am Gay and God Forbid; Christian. Yes I used the term Gay + Christian and always will. I am this way.. Whether it was born to me or not. Why? Because God needed people like me to reach the Gay community, that Yes. Despite all the wrong you have been told and all the wrong ways you have been treated. Thru all the stones that have been thrown at you, there is Good News. Jesus loves you, wants a relationship with you, and guess what? He also forgives you.

And if your a heterosexual who still just can’t agree. Then you should be happy in yourself thinking that I am going to hell. Isn’t that exactly where you all just wish for us to be? It’s just easier for you to justify your hatred. It’s okay… I am still loved by the one and true person that matters anyhow.. You will and can stand before Jesus on your death, and explain to him why you justified throwing people under the bus.

If God hates me for being gay so much. He surely is blessing me a lot and answering a lot of my prayers for someone he just thinks is an abomination. My Savior is Jesus Christ. Know him? He’s the one that blesses you as well.

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