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jesus rebel forces christian rebel gayBack in the 60’s when I was a child, religion was a normal part of the American life and a rebel was known as those who defied the norm. Rebels were those who disobeyed their parents, defied curfews, cussed, sneaked out of the house, fought against the government, did drugs, smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol underage, sex underage and outside of marriage, danced to rock-n-roll, got tattoos, grew their hair long, skipped church, wore risque clothes, fought for gay rights, etc etc…

Here we are 50 years later and all that was rebellious in my day, has now become the normal way of life. Nobody seems to care if you engage in any of those that I had mentioned above. In fact in this day and age, those who commit crimes and murder are seen as heroes by some. Arrogance, Pride, Self love, treating others with disrespect and wanting to be famous for nothing just seems to have escalated and become a way of life.

Today, to be a Christian is to be a true Rebel. And don’t even get me started on how much of a Rebel it takes to be a Gay Christian. I am treated as if I am dissing another entire community. Being a Christian and letting it be known to everyone is certainly not for the coward.

Christianity and the belief in God. The very thing that our Nation was founded on, is being taken away. Fought against in our government. The right to talk about God or even to say his name has been taken out of our schools and public places. Our pledge of allegiance is seen as an abomination.

God knew what our nation could become and because we invested in Him, He invested in us. He made us a great nation of wealth, freedom and power. God used to be on our side. Just as mentioned in the Bible many times, those who stood with God, even though they were far outnumbered by their enemy’s were able to conquer. And because we got down on our knees as a nation and prayed to God he watched over us continually. But we now know, that time could come to an end. The enemy is now able to penetrate us from within and create havoc as they have never been able to do before.

Today, our prayer is taken out of everything. Ten commandments are being removed, Bibles are not allowed to be read anywhere but in the privacy of your own home. Our Arrogance, Pride and doing only what we want to do is coming back to haunt us. Our country is going down the wrong road. Because we have put our pride and arrogance in the place of God. And if you read the Bible, you can see that this was foretold thousands of years ago.

So what does it take to be a rebel in today’s world?

  • To attend church regularly
  • To pray; and even bolder to pray in public
  • To read the Bible
  • To Believe in God
  • To Believe in Jesus as Savior
  • To follow Jesus
  • To love EVERYONE… even those who choose to be your enemy
  • To put our Pride aside and be Humble
  • To Obey the Laws that God gave us
  • To Obey the Laws of the Government
  • To Keep our minds clean
  • To abstain from lustful and hateful thoughts
  • To abstain from sexual thoughts and acts outside of marriage
  • To Give to and Help Others..
  • To Teach the Word of God to others

In the current state of our world, most of these are the very reason that in other countries, people are persecuted, tortured and put to death. It scares me to know, that this is the very same road that this country is going. And it was all foretold.

I am a true believer that God created this universe and everything on and in it. That mankind became so sinful, that he had to come down to earth as a whole separate man, to live, and to be tempted with sin just as we are, so that he could fully understand how and why it affects us. And then to pay for all our sin, He, as Jesus Christ was arrested, persecuted and put to death for absolutely nothing other then to pay for our sin. He was guiltless. He hadn’t committed any crime whatsoever. He was put to death by those who were so full of pride and arrogance that they just couldn’t see the truth of who He really was, and couldn’t handle the fact that he truly was far superior then they. That He was the true King.

I also believe in a life after death, and that there is a heaven and a hell or separation from God. I choose heaven and that means that I have to Rebel to the norm of today’s world, to obey his commands and try to be like him.

John 14.6

I do not doubt for one minute that should you choose to live as you wish in this world, choose to live your own way, and choose not to have a full belief or a full faith in God and Jesus Christ, that you will get your wish when you die. God isn’t going to force anyone that doesn’t want to be with Him, to be with Him. He created us, and that is His right to do so.

Let it be known, that you cannot and will not get to heaven by trying to be a good person. Some of which I wrote about in previous posts about the “Guilty and sinful person being set free” and “Do Good People go to Heaven” As always. I don’t tell you this or write about it because I am judging you or by any means that I am better than you. I am just like you. I am just a human. I tell you because I love you, and God commands us to spread the truth. To tell others about the Good News.

mark 16.15-16

Why do I say I want to be a Christian Rebel? Well, I am a Christian so I am a rebel, but I am by far not the 100% true rebel that I would like to be. I still struggle with and give in to some of those items that I mentioned above.

My goal? To become a much better person. And although I can never be as perfect and far from his goodness, having His huge grace and endless mercy, I yearn to be like Jesus Christ. He only angered when he saw true injustice, which we have way to much of in this world.

Need more good news? Justice will finally be served to those who today, only live to persecute, enslave, torture and kill those who are weaker or choose to live different. Everything will be made new and right. The way it was originally meant to be. That is the hope that even thru my miserable failings at not always doing what is right, “In God We Trust”. The very words chosen in the beginning of our country because of our very religious sentiment during the civil war to be placed on our dollar bills and chump change. You have to believe it and trust. Otherwise this dismal state that we are in and going down in this country and world would be very hopeless.

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