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indexWith the arrival of summer comes the onslaught of Gay Pride events, not only in the U.S., but countries all around the world. And of course, it also brings the arrival of the yearly condemnation from the entire rest of the world.

I read another Gay Christian blog on this subject today, and the first thing that was mentioned was that Pride was a sin, and all I could think was Seriously? That’s what you came up with? Some people just seem to take things a bit far. Good old Legalism. Let me get that log out of your eye. LOL.

Personally, I haven’t attended a Gay Pride event in a decade and only attended a few before that. In fact, rarely in my lifetime have I spent much time in the Gay Community. It’s a funny thing the Gay community. You would think that due to the fact that we were all ostracized in school, by friends, co-workers and possibly family for being gay that we would all get along. Not the case! Even in the gay community I was ostracized. Not cute enough, not enough muscle, too skinny, too young, too old, not manly enough, too feminine, too this, too that… I would often find myself in a crowded room with nobody to talk too and left all alone in some corner. The story of my life. Even today. The gay guy in a room of married people with children. The gay guy in a room full of heterosexuals.. on and on..

I am sure that most in the Gay Community would tell you the same thing. Middle and High School was the worst experience of our lives. All of your friends are talking about the opposite sex, their dates, who they are going to invite to prom, etc… and with excitement. Those very same friends would tell Gay jokes or bully and mock anyone who was gay. You basically go along with them as if you cared, are interested and are on the same page as them. But all the while in your head, you are looking at your friends whom are the same sex and find yourself attracted to them and not allowed to about it. Not even with those you think might also be Gay. It has to be hidden. Its your secret and you can’t confide in or share it with not one other person. It was a horrifying existence. Full of confusion, depression, self-loathing, hatred and continual thoughts of suicide or just wanting to die.

And for those of us that grew up in a religious family its even worse.. Although my family loved and supported me. You still continually ask.. Why would God do this to me? Why is it that out of all my friends, I am the one that picked the short straw? Why was I wired differently? Can I pray this away? My mom always told me that God is okay with me.. But I couldn’t believe it. I heard so different otherwise.

I know that most of the people I know, whom are reading this often wonder why I am so bitter and angry all the time. All of the above is why. And as you know, when you live with something for decades, its not just going to go away in an instant. It has become habit and It is a huge something that I am trying to work on. So if I have lashed out at you, your religion, or someone you know.. Forgive me. I apologize.

After High School, I found friends in those who drank and who did every kind of drug that you can imagine. We were all the outcasts. But together we felt like the in crowd. This was the first group of real friends that I had ever had. We did everything together. They accepted me, and the drinking just masked the pain that I had inside of me. With them, I was able to be honest and free. I was gay and I was finally coming out.. And it felt so good to be able to be honest and to be able to talk about it.

This was at that time, when I thought I had found the love of my life. My first love. He was going to be my life partner. He was my soul mate.. LOL.. NOT.. Most of you had that feeling in High School, and possibly not once, but a few times. You went to the prom with them perhaps.. you held hands down the school halls. You went everywhere together, and you hung out with your other friends and their partners. Everyone knew you were a couple. I didn’t get that chance or feeling at all in High School.. I had to go out with the girl who couldn’t find another date to keep up my facade. All those great things you experienced in High School.. For me was just HELL.. and then God was going to throw me in HELL for being Gay? Talk about anger toward straight people, religion, GOD., the entire world.

Do you now get a sense of why Gay people don’t want any part of religion?. All that heartache as a young person.. And then to be told by not only Christian’s but every other religion that there is no chance in Hell for you to be loved or accepted by God? Drilled into your head and inner being that He HATES YOU!!! He LOATHES you!!! You are an ABOMINATION, a DISGRACE, A VILE AND WORTHLESS EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN!!!

Besides.. We heard it wrong… Jesus said he hated figs… not fags <—————-insert humor

Would you want any part of that? Do you now understand part of why the gay community try’s to find love in all the wrong places. Deciding to live it up while we still have a chance to enjoy the bit of time we have here? If you heard the words above and thought it was true, you would feel hopeless as well. Religion teaching and spewing out the words of God Incorrectly. And why? Because they can’t understand and listen to their preachers who have taken the bible out of context. Having not been humble enough to truly study the word and it’s true meaning. Using it to fit their hateful agendas. How would you feel about religion? Would you trust it or would you loathe it, and run as far away from it as possible? Consider that as your read what Paul had to say in Romans.

Romans 10-14-17So what could be a good reason for Gay Pride. Homosexuals have, and in some countries still do suffer persecution and even death if they are outed. Gay Pride is a one day, sometimes two and an only once a year event that allows the Gay Community to be able to be proud that they can be out. That they are part of a community. That they can be free to be themselves for one weekend. To join together and be with people of our own kind. Who accept each other freely and lovingly without persecution. Where their stories are the same as every other person there. Where it doesn’t have to be hidden. Where you can openly be with your partner, share experiences and get the support that you need. Its a celebration that we no longer have to hide. And most of us are lucky enough to have the support of our family as well.

Yes.. there are some wild and crazy things that come out of pride as well. People dressed… or should I say not well dressed, flaunting their stuff so to say. And of course, the news always has to make it a point to go out and capture those images to spread across the world and internet, versus the good that comes out of it. Despite what you have heard and seen, Gay Pride is not about sex and debauchery… It’s a day to relax, enjoy and just be……. FREE….

sorry-gay-prideI remember the days that I attended the pride parades, the Religious people would walk down the streets with their big signs and shout out that Homosexuals were going to hell. All they accomplished was looking like idiots and huge Hypocrites.

And let me just say. If you think that the Gay community hasn’t gotten the message that they are sinners, you are wrong. They get it already. They have heard you loud and clear. In fact the word Sinner seems to be synonymous with Gay. I have never heard it used in any other instance or for any other group.

Talk about Pride. I think that when you take the time to make a sign so hateful, and stroll down a street calling out others that don’t fit into your little box of the world, you are the one who is prideful. Proud that you turned out straight. Proud and boasting to others that Jesus has saved you, but he can’t save the other? Those aren’t the words of the Jesus I have come to know. And your pride and boasting isn’t saving you or anyone else. All it does is turn people away. It doesn’t change minds. Whatever psychology your trying to use, doesn’t work here. We have been told we were going to hell, so why would your signs change our minds if we are under the impression that there is no other way then hell for us?

A man who cheats on his wife is never called a sinner. A woman who had an abortion or had a child without being married is never called a sinner. The politicians who cheat us out of money and extort it are never called sinners. The prostitutes and pimps are never called sinners. Someone who commits murder is never called a sinner and NEVER do you see anyone carry a sign and tell anyone or any other group that they are  sinners, or that God hates them other than then towards the gay community.

To bring a gay person to the love of Jesus Christ takes one thing and one thing only. LOVE… Just love us. Treat us with respect. Become our friend. Listen to us with true feelings of concern and an open mind. Don’t open up with or push Jesus/God and religion down our throats. And possibly in due time, when they see how wonderful and loving you are as a Christian. They might just want what you have and you might have just turned things around. It won’t happen over night, and it might take months or years. Jesus never gave up on you, so don’t give up on them.  Like the picture just above… these straight Christians showed up to a Gay Pride Parade in Chicago years ago with their signs of love, and apologies and the response they received from the Gay Community was overwhelming and full of joy and forgiveness.

You cannot push Jesus on people who have had no other experience then to be hurt by him, called names by him, and condemned by him thru the actions of others. It doesn’t work. This is exactly why I spent 30+ years living it up, drinking it away, hoping I would just die and literally crying and screaming out to God, down on my knees in the corner of a room asking him why.

Gay Pride is really not affecting you at all other than your pride and not being able to understand others who are not like you. Besides that. You get the other 364 days out of the year. So give the community a break and I say let them be proud that they can be out and enjoy one day without ridicule.

I have lived it, known it and seen it all. I know the brokenness that exists in the Gay community. But I don’t condemn. I understand it and it breaks my heart, that so many are purposely killing themselves slowly thru drugs, sexual disease, drinking, and so many ultimately taking their own lives. Please know that I am not saying that only the Gay community is broken. Every person living on this earth; past, present or future is broken in one way or another.

Here are five good reasons why I/we should start attending events and spending time within the community.

P – Praying for Participants
R – Relating to the Rejected
I – Investing for Eternity
D – Demonstrating God’s Love
E – Evangelizing the Lost

Once again.. All my weaknesses have worked themselves out for the Good. If I had not experienced all the pain that I have been through. I don’t think I could appreciate the work of Jesus on the Cross as much as I do.

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And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.