I received this personal note from a wonderful friend from Church that I so look forward to seeing every week. Granted we don’t hang out, but I still consider him a dear friend. Most heterosexual men don’t walk up to a Gay man every week and give him a hug. But this friend does. Even better then that, I am actually old enough to be his father. And since I don’t have or never really could have had kids, it kind of makes his friendship so much more meaningful. Most of the college kids, really can’t or don’t want to relate us old folks. Hey I get it.. I was the same way.

My friend not only heard my story in church, but had also taken a 5 week group session with me and others from church, where we all had to share our emotions and thoughts on each of our individual brokeness.

I skipped church today due to feeling a little down this week about my issue with anger, and my partner brought this letter home to me from this friend. I so needed this today. And Honestly, don’t we all need this once in a while? There is nothing better then a handwritten note. They mean so much more than just a random email or letter typed from an impersonal keyboard, or worst of all, never at all.

This is what its all about my friends. Telling and sharing your story in the hopes that others are touched by it. Everyone has a story and every story can change lives, minds and people’s hearts. This is why I always say to be open and up front on what’s ailing or hurting and effecting your very being. This is just another small part of why walking with God and those who love him, is so wonderful and fulfilling. How often do you get a note like this from a friend, a co-worker or a boss for a job well done or just a note of thank you, or just simple kindness? Most likely never. But I get them all the time.

Sharing your brokeness brings forth all kinds of amazing things. Brings you prayers of healing, people you can relate to, a closer and more honest relationship with others, starts relationships with new friends, it makes you a stronger person and so much more.

Jef, I may have said this before, but in case you didn’t know, I admire so much of who you are and the tough questions of faith you ask the Lord…

Thanks for being so real, Jef, and for putting your trust in the hands of the Father who loves you and cares for you so MUCH.

Your life I know, is a testament of God’s power and His good news, and I pray our Lord fills you each and every morning with the unshakable conviction that who you are is enough, and that there is no fear for those who love Him.

You are mighty, Jef, and I really do look forward to sharing and hearing more stories with you

Never be ashamed of your story. Believe it or not, even in a church setting, your weaknesses bring you and others strength and glory. If your not allowed to share your brokeness within your church, then I ask you.. Are you in the right place?


Forgive me today God that I skipped Church and let the evil one tell me that I didn’t deserve to go.

Forgive me this week God for bursting out in Anger at a stranger for no real reason at all. For dwelling in Depression and pulling away from everyone, with the thoughts that I am a terrible human being.

Forgive me this month God for giving in to so many temptations.

Forgive me this year God that I am full of angry words and can’t get it under control.

Thank you God this day for this wonderful letter from a friend at church. It came at the perfect time.

Thank you for this week God, that I am taking on my anger and trying for the first time to really get it under control.

Thank you for this month God, for a month of reflection on the wonderful gift that you gave us thru Lent.

Thank you for this year God. Free of addictions. The opportunity to share my story in church. For A year of growth. A year of weaknesses made into strength. A year of your unfailing love and forgiveness for the wretched person that I am. All the new amazing friends that you have given me, and most of all, Thank You for pulling me back to you and showing me that I too, am Forgiven and worthy of your LOVE!!!