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how loved

Your not alone. We are all sinners Roman 3:22-24 (ERV) and we all struggle. But through the Grace of God you are forgiven by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ Romans 7:14-25 (ERV)

Over the last year I have heard Sermons from various churches and people and all I heard from them was, that once they found Christ, their sin left them. I found this so confusing and quite frustrating. What confused me was that they most often didn’t relate any story of how they still struggled with it and for how long? It was as if they miraculously just stopped sinning at that moment, and I often wondered why I didn’t receive that miracle.

I have spent countless hours searching the internet and searching out other sermons on the subject and bible verses to find out if I was the only one that still struggled with this even after coming to Christ. But in being up front with many in my Christian family, I now know that it is a constant struggle and most if not all struggle tremendously. Some of us will even backslide in a terrible way. But the good news in Christ is that you can get up and start over and you are still forgiven. As long as you are moving forward into a life of Christ and don’t walk away from him. You are Golden. God Love us and is for us.

I came upon this letter awhile ago and I often go back to it when I am feeling down about my sinful self. I wanted to share this letter with those whom are struggling to first and foremost forgive themselves & to realize that God loves you just as you are.

The Letter

It is so easy to see that others are forgiven, yet we can’t see it or accept it for ourselves. The good news is that the hatred and disdain you have for the things that you do is evidence that God is working in your life.

If you are anything like me, I spent decades sinning in awful ways, and I didn’t care or give any thought to it. This was a time in my life when having God in my life was not fully out of my mind, but I didn’t really have a heart to follow him or even care about it because I was 100% sure that I was destined to spend eternity in Hell, so I was living it up while I was alive on this earth.

That was then. And here in the now, I cry out to God just as King David does. King David was very committed to God but yet was guilty of some of the most serious sins. But his heart for God was strong.

My hope for you, is that like me; after reading the Letter that you, as I was after reading it and the response given, that you are set free from your Past, Today, Tomorrow and Forever!!

God will always be for you & Will always be there. He has your back forever.

Praise God that he took care of all of this for us by coming down as a man named Jesus. That he experienced everything on this earth to feel and know those things that we would be dealing with and struggling with. And that Jesus knowing what he would be facing. Gave himself up to be beaten, flogged to a bloody pulp, spit on, harassed, made fun of, left behind by his closest disciples and shed his blood on the Cross for all of us whom believe in him. That through his sacrifice we are forgiven and blessed with an eternal life in his presence.

Thank you God for finally setting me Free!!!

Here is a song to inspire you to move forward.